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The Microsoft Office Store is well populated with apps, many free and some paid. If you have not had a look before at what’s available I would encourage you to so now,

Here are some of the top apps I recommend for business users:

clip_image001 Evernote: Evernote for Outlook is available to users of the new and Office 365 users using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook on the web. The add-in allows you to clip email messages and attachments from Outlook directly into Evernote. You can also attach notes from your Evernote account to any email you’re writing in Outlook. Instructions to install and use from Evernote.

clip_image002 Wunderlist: Wunderlist is an amazing free app – perfect for creating and managing To Do Lists for yourself or groups, assigning tasks to others and creating reminders. I connect mine directly into Outlook using the app and can send emails to my various to do lists with a couple of clicks. If you haven’t seen Wunderlist before then go to the website and check it out.

CRM and Workflow Tools like Insightly, Nintex, Zoho, Nimble and Salesforce as well as many others all have an app. If you use these CRMS then you should be powering up with the app in Outlook.

clip_image003clip_image004 Accounting app Xero has an app. Even Uber has an app to remind you of your next ride.

So get into the store today and see what apps you might be able to use to improve productivity and connectivity between Outlook and your other business tools. There are also plenty of apps for Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Contact us if you need help adding Apps to Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel or Word.

Microsoft Azure

As a Silver Microsoft Small and Midmarket Cloud Partner we have access to technical support, demos and trial scenarios as well as engineers and solution proposals. We are currently implementing Microsoft Azure storage systems for several clients and would love to talk to you about how you can reduce costs and make data more accessible for teams. Backup solutions, virtual machines and other cloud services exist as well.

Contact us today for a chat about Microsoft Azure

Update on the Various OneDrive Sync Clients

clip_image005Most of our clients have now been upgraded to the new OneDrive Sync clients. If you haven’t and want to please contact us now. Email and ask for assistance.

OneDrive now has a dual purpose client. It can sync your personal Microsoft Account OneDrive data. It can also have added to it a business account – and thus sync your Office 365 OneDrive for Business account. This can be selective so you do not have to sync the entire drive in one go but can select specific folders.

If you want to download it yourself go here.

The old OneDrive for Business sync tool is still contained in Office 365 and syncs SharePoint libraries. The old limitations on numbers of folders and files still apply but Microsoft are developing a new version without these limitations and have committed to delivering that this year.

Contact us today if you need helping syncing your dataa

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