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The Paperless office was envisioned years ago but it hasn’t really eventuated in most businesses I visit. But there are many little things you can do to avoid using more paper than you need to. Some of these include using cloud storage for files, moving your accounting system into the cloud, and sending and receiving statements and invoices electronically.

We have recently shifted to cloud accounting (don’t know why it took me so long) and have experienced a real productivity gain in data entry with bank accounts syncing transactions straight to our accounts. In addition, we are starting to shift our paper invoices and bills into electronic formats and save them online.

One thing you can’t get rid of all together is the paper receipt needed for business from a EFTPOS terminal. However, you don’t need to keep them. Scanning them and then saving them online is the best way to do this. And you don’t need an expensive scanner. Most good ones designed for document storage start around $500 or more. Simply use the Office Lens App on your Android iOS or Windows phone and you can scan straight into OneNote – and thence into your cloud accounting system.

Talk to us about the significant advantages to your business by reducing Paper and By using Cloud Accounting.

OneDrive For Business Syncing

Are you using OneDrive for Business or SharePoint? If so you may have had a bit of a bumpy ride recently with updates to the sync tool. The new sync tool is here and is far better, removes the old limitations and works – well let’s just say – as it’s supposed to! Read on for more info if you have had issues.

Office 365’s cloud storage in SharePoint and One Drive for Business is wonderful – gives you access to your data anywhere, version control and collaborative editing and sharing amongst many other features. However, the sync tool used to sync libraries to your PC has been buggy and had some limitations. To be fair these were mostly legacy issues that didn’t matter back when the size of libraries online was so much smaller. Now we expect to store large quantities and Office 365 certainly gives your business a heap of space.

The OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client is now available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 machines (coming to Windows 8.1 in the first quarter 2016 sometime) and for MAC )S X 1.9 and above now. However, it is not rolled out in regular windows or office patches but needs to be deployed.

At the moment it does NOT support Windows 8.1, or SharePoint libraries - though these capabilities will be added soon. It can run alongside the current tool and works just fine. I have been running the pre-release version since November with ZERO problems – not something I could say about the previous tool.

This Office Support Article has all the details as well as guides for Windows and MAC for deployment.

If you need assistance then please do not hesitate to call or message and we can discuss your options or do it for you

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