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Do you have a proper backup of your data? Most people don’t. I have a check list below to determine if you do or not. Why is this important? I will also talk about some recent virus threats and the potential for loss of data without a correct backup.

Backups and Data Recovery

backedup infographicDo you actually have a proper tested backup that you can recover from? This is a critically important question now. We rely on our computers so much, and in business even more so. Imagine coming into work tomorrow and all your computers had been stolen. Now consider the effect that would have on your ability to trade, interact with clients, your staffs’ ability to work etc. How long would it take to be back up and running again? Do you have insurance not just for the physical replacement of Hardware but also the reconfiguration, and data recovery work required? Some recent recoveries we have performed cost well over $10,000.

An insurance policy is all well and good but if you don’t have up to date backup data to recover from it is even worse.

Most people do not actually understand what a backup is and isn’t, how to set it up properly and how to ensure that it can be recovered from. I have created this little check list below. See how well you fare!

Here is the Wikipedia Definition of a backup.

We would recommend the following as a minimum for any business.

  • PC Images – run at least once per machine and stored separately – e.g. in fireproof safe or offsite.
  • Backup scheduling to separate media, backup drive, server, cloud storage with separate sets (not just overwriting the last one)
  • Testing your recovery media regularly.
  • Data recovery insurance clause – typically costs nothing to add to your policy – check with your broker.

We also would recommend using a Data versioning tool like File History, SharePoint or Dropbox (note: this is NOT a backup)

Contact us now if you fail the checks and care about your data. We can have an obligation free chat about your specific scenario and what you can do about it.

An Extremely Unique Opportunity By An Extreme Individual

20151003 rich bowles seminar invite 1Learn the latest strategies in mastering your own mind, so you can fully commit & engage in the goals that you have set for yourself.

Richard Bowles holds world records on pretty much every continent on the planet, running the world’s longest and most rugged mountain ranges spanning from 1000km to 5,500km in length. Running up to 95km a day for weeks at a time, while tackling some of the most hostile weather and demanding terrain that the world has to offer, while carry all that he needs on his back.

Crocodile infested waters, exploding volcano’s, angry farmers with shot guns and being in the centre of a middle eastern desert warzone under missile fire is all in a day’s work for Richard, all the time pushing through the mental and physical barriers to conquer his success.

Over the last five years he has worked with some of Australia’s leaders in psychology and human performance, unpacking his own huge achievements to explore what it takes to succeed at any goal that is set before you, no matter the challenges and adversity that will be faced.

As a commitment and engagement strategist Richard helps you understand what is vitally needed to gain the goals that you have set for yourself. From his in-depth research he helps you understand that, Goals guide us, they don’t drive us.

If you are looking at a plan that will see you bullet proof your commitment to what you set out to achieve, and have you working towards your goals with ease, dedication and without burnout, then this is a seminar not to be missed.

We are partnering with Richard Bowles in delivering this exclusive seminar here in Brisbane CBD on the 3rd October from 9AM to 1PM. The cost is $89 and we will have a venue and ticketing options available soon.

Contact us today if you want more information.

Sync Shared Folders to your Computer with OneDrive

onedrive sync

One of the most common problems with emailing files around is that you get so many different versions as people send back edits or changes. Solve that problem and stop emailing files in one go by sharing them instead.

You can add folders shared with you to your OneDrive so they sync down to your computer. They'll look like any other folder, but when you edit files in shared folders the changes will show up to everyone else with permission for that folder.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to your Shared list on to check if folder(s) have been shared to you with the ability to edit.
    1. If there are none, create a folder and share it with edit permissions to your friends.
  2. From the Shared list, select the folder you want to sync and click 'Add to my OneDrive'.
  3. If you have the OneDrive app installed on your PC or Mac, the folder will also sync down unless you have opted to only sync some folders in OneDrive settings.
  4. The folder will also be accessible from your main OneDrive folder on and on the OneDrive mobile app, if you have it installed.

Similar instructions apply to the OneDrive for Business tool in Office 365

You can sync shared folders on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Mac. If you're running Windows 8.1, upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Talk to us today if you need help sharing files

Free Business Digital Skills Webinars

Yes Free!

I will be running some digital skills webinars for free to any of our customers who would like to learn more about how to get the most out of their digital technology.

Each webinar will be aprox 20 minutes long and can be joined using a weblink. They will be run every 2-3 weeks on a Wednesday at 2pm. They will also be recorded and made available online.

Subjects will include:

  • Mastering Email – tips and tricks for a zero inbox, reducing time spent in email and other shortcuts
  • Basic Spreadsheet design
  • Using OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Understanding Social Media
  • And more

Email me back on if you want to be added to the invite list. There is no obligation or cost to attend. You will need an invite link to join the webinar.

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