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The latest website hosted and developed by Jethro
This is a Drupal website with a custom designed theme.

If you are looking for a content management website, incorporating restricted access to specific logged in users, custom drupal theme development or hands on training then contact us.

Probably the most commonly asked question we receive is "Where does the name Jethro come from?"

Some people try and guess Jethro Tull, or Jethro Clampett (from the Beverley Hillbillies) but its actually a lot different.

Jethro was Moses father in Law. In Israel's history he was the first recorded management consultant. He came to Moses while he was leading the people in the desert and helped him set up a a delegated management hierarchy.

Serendipitously, the name Jethro in Hebrew, Yitro (as per Wikipedia also means Excellence. And thus our motto which had originally been a play on the word Excel from Microsoft Excel has a double meaning. If you like "Excellence is Excellence". We work extensively with Micros

Create Content
Under create content you can choose a type.
If you want to put in news or information that is not date related – e.g. it’s not an event as such - then you use story.
If you want to set up an event and it will go into the calendar then use page.
You can see who it is authored by, the date and timestamp (the only reason you would change this is if you want to switch the order things are displayed in with out using sticky)
Published means it is visible on the site. Only turn it off if you want to work on something as a draft.
In moderation queue you don’t really need at the moment so ignore it.
Promoted to front page is only for info you want to have it show on the very front home page.
Sticky at top of lists (see previous page for explanation).

Each bit of information you enter on the site is called a node.
Nodes can be pages, images, polls, forum topics, replies, or stories. These are the node types set up on the site. Comments are also nodes.
They all have a timestamp - that is the date and time they are entered. By default they all go in chronological order.

What is sticky used for?
Anything that is always at the top of a page is sticky.
If you want something to stay at the top of a list, even if it’s older, then you make it sticky, then it will always stay at the top. If you make more than one thing sticky in a category, then they will both be at the top with the newest one higher up.

When you don’t need that bit of information any more (e.g. the Christmas play is now in the past and people don’t need to know that it’s coming up) you can edit it and make it not sticky (or delete it altogether).

By James Tamm (January 16, 2006)

Project leaders can do their part to turn a blame-shifting “red zone” work environment into a “green zone” of shared vision and team collaboration by upholding these five principles.

Are you stymied by the collaboration void in your workplace? Wonder why, when you’ve struggled to select the best and the brightest for your project teams, tempers flare and productivity often grinds to a halt? Your workplace may be a “Red Zone” — an environment where turf is guarded and defensiveness abounds.

Red Zone organizations are made up of individuals who are short on “Green Zone” qualities such as trust, optimism and goodwill. When a project fizzles or fails in a Red Zone workplace, people turn to shame and blame — focusing not on what went wrong, but on who did wrong.

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Jethro has worked closely with us through our company establishment assisting as our trusted IT advisor. Tim has continued to provide purchase decisions assistance, troubleshooting and maintenance and other IT solutions ever since.

— Rosemary Murphy - Principal, Seek Property Solutions