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There are a number of security audits of Drupal websites that have been performed in the last few weeks. These have exposed a number of security issues that malicious coders can take advantage of. (Note these are not just relevant to Drupal, and relate to IE security issues also). We have had only one site hacked through the use of this security flaw and have had to fix it. We are securing all of our customer sites against further hacking in two ways. First of all we have changed all administrator passwords. Second we are rolling out the upgrades version of Drupal that protects against these security issues.

Our upgrade process is this:

  • We request a edit freeze on the site for a day.
  • We backup the site and database.

Our web hosting packages are offered on an all inclusive basis. We are not the cheapest, though we think our prices are pretty good.

What we offer that most hosting providers don't is individualised support and maintenance.

All of our clients are individually managed and we perform all the following tasks for each website all included in the price:

  • Daily and weekly backups of all data archived for at least 4 weeks
  • Management of all email accounts and passwords, forwards and spam trapping settings
  • Monitoring and management of bandwidth and hard drive space usage
  • Management of domain name including automatic renewals and DNS and nameserver hosting
  • ... and much more

If most of that list was confusing to you, then this is exactly why we offer this level of service.

Prices start from 100MB hard drive space and 1000MB monthly traffic for AUD$8.95 a month.
Add more space and bandwidth as required for smaller and smaller increments as you go.
Pay annually in advance for a substantial discount.

We have now joined the Drupal Churches Group. We are positioning ourself to market Drupal based CMS (Content Management System) websites to churches here in Australia and New Zealand, though of course location is no barrier.

We are preparing marketing and promotional material and will be starting to deliver this to churches soon.

As a special pre-release offer, if your church or other not-for-profit organisation mentions that you found this promotional code XMJCDC01 on this website we will give your organisation a 40% discount off your first years hosting when you sign up for a combined Drupal website development and managed hosting package. Thats right 40% off! Once we release the promotions this offer will expire and this page will be updated.

The Australian Tax Office has increased the threshold at which you must hold a tax invoice for claiming GST tax credits.
It used to be that to claim a credit for an amount over $55 (including GST) that you had to have an invoice, but for amounts below that cash receipts ot some other proof of purchase was good enough.

Now the threshold has been increased to $82.50, or $75 excluding GST.

Check the ATO website for more details.

I have just completed the redevelopment of the Spy Journal Website. From now on all Personal, Excel, Tech and Blog posts previously put on the Spy Journal site will be in the new Drupal site. The web address is still

This site is using Drupal version 5.2.0 This version is now matured enough to be easily installed and configured. In fact it is a lot easier than previous versions with every 3rd party module that I installed that required database modification having a script that worked perfectly.

For all the previous posts check these Spy Journal Archive links:

For the specific pages in Version 2, check these links:

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