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Merry Christmas from Jethro

Virtual Christmas Cards

Giving to charity: We decided not to print or post cards or calendars this year but are giving a donation to the Connect2Mentoring charity on the Sunshine Coast instead.

The Connect2Mentoring Program creates a unique relationship between two people where a ‘significant other’ adult provides support to a young person aged between 11 and 17 who might be at risk of disengaging from school, or may be in a transitional phase between their schooling or further education and/or work.

One of our businesses Dreamcoat Photography is sponsors of the Noosa Summer Charity Ball again this year raising funds for this charity. Find out more and join us for the ball if you want to have some Hawaiian Tiki fun and help raise some much needed funds.


Lots of changes in 2012

Jethro is back: After two years under another business we decided to rebuild our Jethro business with all our old customers - thanks for being supportive of the two years of changes and thanks to all the new customers we have gained this year. We do it all for you!

Web Management and Social Media

Follow us on Facebook: Arguably the biggest thing for business in 2012 - especially retail - is to have a Facebook presence. When travelling in Tasmania we found almost every shop and tourist place had a Facebook sign and please follow us on the door, window, cash register etc.

We have helped many businesses learn about how social media can be used to increase their customer acquisition, engagement and retention with a strategic approach. If you don't know how to improve your bottom line using Social Media and your Website contact us now.


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Dreamcoat Photography

Dreamsport Photography

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Three simple questions:

  1. Can you measure how much your website is worth to you?
  2. Does it drive sales to your door? Does it bring new members to your organisation?
  3. Are you able to update it yourself?

If the answer to any of those is no then you need a Content Management System Website designed by Jethro.

What is a CMS Website?
A content management system (or CMS) is a tool that allows an organization to make changes to its website without having to work with HTML code.

In the 1990s, many web designers built their business model around designing websites for an organization, and then charging the organization a fee every time the website needed an update.  However, this is just not acceptable today.  Your customers expect your website to be constantly up-to-date.  If it's not, they will be much less likely to do business with you.

The 1990s website approach is a waste of your time and money. In the time it takes you to email your web designer to request a change, you could have made the change yourself using a CMS.  Most web designers who used this outdated business model are now impossible to contact, because they have dozens of clients tying up their phone lines asking for changes, and they simply can't keep up. Or their customers come to us asking for a rebuild with “a site that we can update ourselves!”

A CMS site built by us has these benefits for your business or organisation built in.

  • We only need to design one template, and that is used for the generation of every page. This makes the website considerably smaller and allows pages to be displayed quicker. Site refreshes are as simple as changing the template.
  • Your authorised users can modify content without knowing any HTML. The page structure and other technical information do not get in the way of entering or modifying content. Non technical users can manage complex sites with no technical expertise required.
  • Built in SEO features like connection to Google Analytics, sitemaps, submission to search engines, page titles and meta tags, plain English urls and more
  • Social media integration – share content easily, connect to your business or organisation Facebook and Twitter accounts and more.
  • Contact Us Forms
  • Menu Navigation

How can Jethro assist you to develop a CMS based website?
First of all we can be a one stop shop for your website.
We can purchase your domain name for you (if you don’t already have one), supply the DNS Hosting and the web hosting, install and configure the CMS system, develop the templates and graphic logos if required, or incorporate your own graphics, train you in the use of the site and provide written documentation and ongoing follow-up.

Secondly we have experience in building CMS websites and developing online communities, and have built lots of CMS sites. Our staff members are experienced in the CMS System we use ourselves and prefer, Drupal. We also build and support Wordpress and Joomla sites if requested.



Suits most business and uses a standard template (available from a broad selection) with custom work to incorporate your logo and colour scheme.*


Contact us for a detailed quote.

*Terms and Conditions apply

2012-02-19 Cosplay Erica Shaun Sin 089There is no use in hiding your website from your customers and potential customers. Here are twenty things that if you incorporate into your website correctly will help make it more visible and friendly to use for your site visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Every website we build has built in the following SEO Components:

  • Plain English URLs
  • Page Titles
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags for keywords, page information and business information
  • Menu Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Simple Contact forms
  • Keyword tags
  • RSS feeds
  • Human readable Sitemap
  • robots.txt file
  • Google Analytics
  • XML Sitemaps - and auto verification and submission to search engines
  • Contact information for your business

Ease of use

  • Every website we build using a CMS can be setup for you to enter /edit content using a WYSIWYG entry.
  • We can also build in revisions and version control as well as security levels for publishing if you have staff writing content.

Social Media

  • Like / tweet / +1 etc. buttons
  • Follow us on links
  • Share this content links
  • Connection to Facebook, twitter etc. via sidebar plugins or modules

Contact US

If your website is missing these components, and you don’t know how to include them or configure them correctly then talk to us. You might be surprised just how easy it is to include these things.

Our standard sites include them all.

When we surveyed web sites of Moreton Bay businesses, we uncovered some startling information. Every website was missing one or more key components of a successful business web site.  Most of them were missing more than one.  And so most businesses are missing out on opportunities to make more sales. So we're running a FREE seminar to highlight what is wrong with your website, and other businesses like you.


And in addition, Ian is going to show exactly what you can do to take your business to the next level.  It's worked for hundreds of our clients,  from large to small, and it can work for you, too.


There is no cost except your time.  But you do have to register.   And we'll be throwing in light refreshments as well.

Wednesday, January 16, THE HUB, 4 Hasking Street, Caboolture, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Register Now

See you there.


Scobie McIntosh is a manufacturer of architectural metalwork in wrought iron, stainless steel and mild steel. Their website is filled with images of their unique metal work. Don't miss the gallery pages.

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What people say..

Excellent presentation from both Tim and Ian, great insight to planning ahead to make the correct decisions to survive and grow in any business.

Free Business Seminar Feedback Nov 2012

— Clive - Business Owner